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Instructions to Authors


The Institutum Canarium will only accept documents that are completely delivered as computer files. For more details, please refer to the following list (status 10/2003):

1. Text and/or file form
  • We need files which have been generated using Microsoft Word (.doc) and which are stored on disks (1.4 MB) or CDs. Files generated in Rich Text Format (.rtf) are also acceptable.

  • Please enclose a hard copy of the file in A4 format with the file.

  • If possible, please only use one type of font. If you use several fonts, this must be stated and the corresponding characters/words which are not formatted with the main font must be highlighted in red.

  • Block format without manual word separation; new lines only for new paragraphs.

  • Supply any photos, graphics and drawings in TIF or JPG format (do not compress too heavily); they will be inserted in a pictures section at the end of the essay. Do not forget to number and/or allocate or supply the titles of the pictures. Hard copies cannot be accepted.

  • Please ensure that the lines used for any frames for pictures and graphics are thick enough for the subsequent reduction (in order to avoid the lines disappearing).

2. Approved languages
  • German, English, French and Spanish are all approved languages.
  • German texts must be written using the new German grammar rules.
3. Notes about content
  • Each essay should include a short summary (abstract, resumen, résumé) of about 5-8 lines, if possible in all languages but definitely in the home language.

  • 4 - 5 key words in English must be included in every essay.

  • The essay title and capital headings must always be written in upper and lower case letters.

  • Please do not make foot notes, instead make comments at the end of the essay; please indicate the comments by means of numbers in brackets within the text. Example: (45) Do not use high numbers or square brackets for this.

  • No bold lettering and no blockages in the text; italic lettering may be used.

  • Literature references in the text in upper and lower case letters. Example
    ... (Müller 1990: 22-24) ... or ... Müller (1990: 22-24) ...

  • Complete literature references in alphabetical order of authors at the end of the essay comprising: Author (surname first), year of publication, essay or book title, publication series with year and/or number, issuer or institution (poss. publishing company), publication location (mention actual year of publication if different from year), page number(s).
    Rahn, Gottfried (1990): Vom Auftauchen der Schrift.- Almogaren XX/1/1/1989 (Institutum Canarium), Hallein 1990, 181-197
    Rothe, Peter (1986): Kanarische Inseln.- Sammlung Geologischer Führer Nr. 81 (Borntraeger), Berlin - Stuttgart, 226 S.
    Schwidetzky, Ilse (1976): The prehispanic population of the Canary Islands. - in Kunkel, G. (Ed.): Biogeography and ecology in the Canary Islands.- Monographiae Biologicae Vol. 30 (W. Junk), The Hague, 15-36
    A different type of literature reference is only possible within the scope of the comments section. Only list referenced literature unless this has been expressly declared as a bibliographic overview. Please state the complete number of pages of monographs as the reader can then come to his own conclusions - for example about the content depth and the amount of copying involved.

4. Schedules
  • Documents for the Almogaren must reach the editorial team at the latest by 31th January of the year of publication.

  • The editorial closing date for the IC-Nachrichten (IC news) is the 31th August.

5. Editorial issues
  • The editorial team reserves the right to refuse any pictures which are difficult to interpret or are unclear.

  • Any submitted work must always be first publications or at least revisions. There is no automatic entitlement to publication.

  • No liability is accepted for submitted documents.

  • The authors bear the sole and complete responsibility for the content of their essays.

  • The authors will punctually receive a PDF file for correction; you will need to install Acrobat Reader to read these files (available free-of-charge at

  • Authors acknowledge that the mechanical and digital copyrights of a manuscript, presented to the Institutum Canarium (IC), pass over to the IC as soon as the IC has produced a printed or digitized version of this article (IC layout). Not affected hereof are versions/layouts of the text in publications of other editorials.

6. Address Editorial Office

Hans-Joachim Ulbrich
Redaktion IC
Grabenstr. 30/1
71404 Korb