Scientific Publication Series of the Institutum Canarium
Digital Platform for the Interdisciplinary Research on the Canary Islands and Mediterranean Cultures



General Information

Almogaren is the name of the most important publication series of the Institutum Canarium containing studies about the prehistory and history of the Canary Islands and mediterranean cultures as well as contributions of general interest. Almogaren was published since 1970 and comprises more than 30 volumes with more than 400 contributions (in German, Spanish, English and French). There is a worldwide exchange of publications with universities, academies and research institutes. The publication series is also present in big libraries (predominatly in Europe).

"Almogaren" is an ancient prehispanic term of Gran Canaria referring to a "sacred meeting place". Figuratively we want to see the Almogaren as a forum for scientists working in different fields of scientific research - joining people and transcultural.